Three Things for 2019

  • Ride my bike 3001 miles – which seems easy now but when it’s October and I just crossed 1000 miles, things get weird. I’m already behind!
  • Pick up a new skill that’s not technology related. Not sure what that will be yet. Possibilities include: piano, drawing, or playing cards.
  • Build and launch a scalable product or service via ClearDev.

First Job with a W2

I’ve only had a few W2 type jobs and this was the first: Weis Markets in Dover, PA (maybe officially Weiglestown?). Went from collecting carts & loading the groceries into cars, to running the soap aisle. An American success story.

By the way – to the kid running the soap aisle today – fill those holes! Come on – legacy buddy.

The Stock May Have Dipped…

But the Paul Mayson approval rating is through the roof.