Up and At ‘em

Two mornings in a row at 0435 hours pedaling by the paint buckets. Wahoo, indeed.

Running an Off Site Backup

Here’s a simple habit that might save your bacon: Run a full drive image backup at least once a month. I rotate through a couple of drives so I can go back a couple of months if necessary. The app is SuperDuper! and there’s a free but limited version for the Mac. I run a full backup at the beginning of every month. This is in addition to the Time Machine backup that is constantly churning.

The beauty of the full drive image backup is you can plug this in to any modern Mac and boot right from the backup drive. Zero downtime even in the most catastrophic events. Also – store these backup drives in another location.

Measuring Up

If you’re a fan of fiction, you might be familiar with writer Joe Hill. I’m on his email list and the last dispatch got me thinking about tracking things – recording things in a way it’s easy to review quarterly or yearly like you would with sales, projects, stocks, etc. I started a spreadsheet of a few things this month and will work to keep it going through 2019. Will report back in 12 months :).

In the meantime, here’s a snip of that email that got the wheels turning: