State of the Office – 2018 Review

Things always change in my home office. Sometimes it’s the gear, or the location, or both plus 50 other tiny things. Wrapping up the year, here’s a quick snapshot of the current setup.

Location – basement :). The cellar dweller.

  • A: 27″ iMac – Late 2013. This might get an upgrade next year. To me, 5-6 years is a really good run on a daily production computer. This was the last iMac that didn’t have the super nice 5k screens.
  • B: Search and Destroy Henry Rollins Mug.
  • C: Green & Black Gamer Chair from Amazon. Good enough.
  • D: Rode Podcaster Mic. This is a workhorse of a mic that I got maybe 10 years ago?! Will keep it until it turns to dust, then get another one.
  • E: My best Bob Ross impression from the mid 90’s
  • F: The Network Wall – Installed this year, everything has the option to connect via Ethernet. And it’s oh so fast. The wall includes… Power strip, Vonage box, Sonos box, Phillips Hue box, and an Ethernet Switch.
  • G: Apple TV remote
  • H: Old Canon 40d DSLR.  I use this on special occasions, like when someone drives through a telephone pole and then rolls their car outside of my house.
  • I: 2018 iPad – I’m a giant iPad fan and this year moved from the 12.9 Pro (1st generation) to this smaller 9.7 inch non-pro. Tempted by the new 12.9 iPad Pro, but it was tough to justify the nearly $2k I’d shell out while not really gaining any new functionality. This was around $300 (some Best Buy sale); the battery lasts forever and I can use my old Apple Pencil. Sold. If iOS gets some serious new juice in the Fall of 2019, I’ll revisit.
  • J: Apple Watch Charger tucked away. Upgraded to the Series 4 this year from the original Apple Watch (series zero?). What a difference! If you’re on the fence – jump.
  • K: External hard drive to match my chair. It’s green and cheap. Plus pretty rugged from what I can tell. It’s taken a number of backpack trips this year.
  • L: Crank for the standing/sitting desk frame.
  • M: Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King (awesome spines)
  • N: Old David Blaine poster from when he stood in ice for 3 days (I was there)
  • O: Search and Destroy Magnet from Henry Rollins
  • P: Apple SuperDrive
  • Q: Random Panasonic Cordless phone – hooked into Vonage. This may go in 2019. TBD.

Overall this set up & location works well. For 2019, there might be a new Mac in sight plus a new NAS. The NAS is the biggest hole in my game right now. I’m currently using a big, old MacPro from 2006 loaded up with 4 hard drives. It’s like sitting across from a mini furnace.

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